Thor Schmidt
800 Cacique Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: 805-965-5248
FAX: 805-965-4993


Welcome to BFI!

More than a thousand Santa Barbara area businesses, apartment complexes, and churches recycle - why should you?
BFI Waste and Recycling Services provides critical solid waste and recycling services to residents and businesses throughout the South Coast.

BFI is fully compliant with all state and federal environmental laws. We take great pride in fulfilling our mission protecting the environment while providing an essential public service.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the highest quality waste collection, transportation, processing, disposal and related services to both public and private customers worldwide. We will carry out our mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner with respect for the role of government in protecting the public interest.

When your company or apartment complex makes a decision to create a recycling program, it gives employees and residents a great opportunity to do the right thing and ensure a better future for our children. Everyone becomes part of an important team effort that helps preserve natural resources and energy, which helps our community comply with California's recycling mandates. You also help the economy by returning millions of tons of recycled paper, glass, aluminum, and other materials to the marketplace.

Plus, recycling is good for your business! Environmentally-conscious customers, clients, and residents are pleased to support your efforts. And in most cases, you can reduce your waste disposal costs.

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